Consumer Secured Credit Card

Deepen brand loyalty with a consumer card solution

Drive customer acquisition and retention with a branded card program that offers a seamless user experience, tailored rewards, and deep insights—all with the benefit of double the interchange of a debit card.

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Why Consumer Secured Credit Card?

Our consumer secured credit card takes the functionality of a debit card combined with the increased interchange of a credit card.

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Drive new revenue

Take advantage of the interchange that comes with owning your own financial products.

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Create an onramp to credit

Whether your customers are looking to rebuild credit or build it from scratch, we can help you quickly launch a credit-building program.

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Capture credit’s benefits

Launch a credit card—with rewards and credit-building features—without having to build the program from scratch or buy receivables.

Customized branding

From logos to color schemes, we’ve made it easy to integrate your brand elements so you can match the look and feel your customers have come to know and love.

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Low- to no-code

Our APIs have everything you need to launch a program that could take years to build on your own. From onboarding and KYC to card issuing, rewards and more.

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Card controls

Maintain control to drive the consumer behaviors that matter to you.

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Card management

Web-based portal that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your program including retrieving card information, activating cards, changing card status, reissuing and closing cards and setting restrictions. All while gather actionable insights.

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