Automated Finance

Modernize the office of the CFO

Turn the finance department from a cost center into a growth partner with a comprehensive suite of receivables, payables and revenue optimization tools.

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How does Automated Finance help you grow?

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Take the friction out of finance

Remove friction with modernized and streamlined processes that save time and money, all while giving you visibility and control.

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Make finance your strategic advantage

Unlock powerful tools that automate manual tasks, help you predict future risk and optimize cash flow so you focus on strengthening customer relationships and building a more enduring business.

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Unlock global scale and expertise

Advance your strategic agenda with the expertise that supports your vision and drives towards future growth.

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Our capabilities combine to build powerful solutions

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    Upgrade your billing and payment processes

    Transform your customer experience with seamless and secure digital payment solutions that simplify your invoice, billing, and receivables process.

    See solution for BillerIQ
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    Automate your credit-to-cash cycle

    Gain efficiency, reduce DSO, and enable sellers with real-time insights.

    See solution for GETPAID
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    Integrated Payables

    Streamline your accounts payable

    Transition accounts payable disbursements from check to electronic payment to reduce cost, increase security, and build stronger vendor relationships.

    See solution for Integrated Payables

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