Provide simplified and personalized loan products

Our Lending solution provides lending flexibility and accessibility to maintain a healthy cash flow while bolstering revenue.

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Why Lending?

Support your SMB customers financing needs to help them sustain, maintain and grow their businesses as their trusted partner.

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Increase revenue opportunities

Generate profitable revenue and increase your average revenue per user while bridging the credit gap.

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Financial stability for SMBs

Leverage your customer data to improve underwriting decisioning while accessing our range of financing options, which start from $10,000.

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Create stickier relationships

Provide an approachable UX, increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn by meeting your customer’s needs with convenient financing.

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Visibility into your customers

Offer KYC, KYB, AML and compliance, leveraging in-house customer data where possible, to provide visibility into your customer’s business requirements.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing allows your brand’s customers to get paid on outstanding invoices within 48 hours – easing the pain of unfavorable credit terms.

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purchase order financing

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing enables your brand’s customers to have extended credit terms.

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Term Loans

Term Loans for general business needs such as payroll, inventory, equipment or marketing.

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Line of Credit

Line of Credit for general business ad-hoc business needs or to offset seasonality.

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