Global KYC

Expedite onboarding while controlling risk

Don't settle for sluggish onboarding. Make the new account opening process a welcoming one—without inviting in the fraudsters.

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Why Global KYC?

Global KYC delivers a single, integrated view of your customer’s identity, while lowering fraud without interfering with account growth.

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Welcome customers securely

Provide a more seamless customer onboarding experience that contributes to lowers fraud and better compliance, without interfering with account growth.

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Consolidate vendor solutions

Eliminate the need to maintain fractured solutions that cause onboarding roadblocks. An integrated process enhances agility and streamlines workflows.

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Break down operational silos

Increase productivity by empowering compliance teams with one view of the account holder without manual intervention.

Comprehensive KYC capabilities with one API

Access a full-featured Know Your Customer solution that includes a range of identity and anti-fraud capabilities providing the flexibility to add or change workflows without IT resources.

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Cloud delivery offers lower operating costs, faster deployment, more frequent updates, and a more secure solution while being more configurable to adapt to different regions, market requirements, and risk profiles.

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Workflow automation

Sequence workflows and customize rules across identity, fraud and watchlist screening services​ for a single view into a consumer’s identity profile.

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Single user interface gives access to results across data sources and flags action items for review

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