Integrated Payables

Streamline your accounts payable

Transition accounts payable disbursements from check to electronic payment to reduce cost, increase security, and build stronger vendor relationships.

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Why Integrated Payables?

Integrated Payables centralizes and streamlines the process of paying vendors at scale. Move from paper-based workflows to a digital platform that reduce costs and even unlock new revenue streams.

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Unify payment execution

Streamline complex payment operations by executing your accounts payable from a single platform across ACH, wire, checks, and virtual cards.

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Ensure security and compliance

Mitigate risks associated with fraud and ensure compliance with PCI DSS 2.0, real-time controls, and secure data handling.

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Unlock new revenue

Transition payments from traditional methods to virtual cards, which can generate revenue via monthly rebates.

Simplify AP execution

Stop processing AP manually or in siloes. Integrated Payables centralizes your accounts payable operations in a single digital platform. Specify each vendor payment amount, timing, and method, and Integrated Payables executes all of your payments in once place.

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automate AP reconciliation

Automate AP reconciliation

Integrated Payables integrates directly with your ERP system to vastly simplify the AP reconciliation process, increase payment visibility across your organization, and enhance the detail of your remittances.

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Safely store vendor data

Your vendor’s data is sensitive - especially when it comes to payment information. Rather than manually storing and updating vendor data in traditional systems, Integrated Payables collects payment information from your vendors digitally and securely.

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Support every step of the way

Our vendor support center can act as an extension of your AP department from inquiries, card processing issues, tech support, account maintenance, and more. Our vendor enrollment services can even help you transition your vendors from traditional to digital payments.

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