TeamUp wins with game-changing credit builder card

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TeamUp is a neobank that helps student athletes, their coaches and college sports administrators go cashless, making it easier to stay on top of their finances.


The founders at TeamUp observed that universities still handled per diem payments between coaches and players using cash, making money movement more difficult than it needed to be. They sought to create a product that would make it easier for coaches and students alike to keep track of cash flows in a streamlined way. 

The team at TeamUp was small, so they sought out a partner who could provide the support they would need in making their vision a reality. The team wanted to do more than give the players a debit card with some money on it—rather, they wanted to give the students something that would prepare them for the world after school.


After exploring TeamUp’s ambitions, Atelio identified the consumer charge card with credit building functionality as the ideal solution. Implementation included creating bank accounts for coaches to deposit per diems and distribute them to their players, ensuring security and accountability. Players received the credit builder card, attached to a secured deposit account, that allowed them to spend their per diem anywhere cards are accepted. The consumer charge card construct protects users from falling into debt and ensures that the balance is paid off automatically, but more importantly, these payments are reported to credit bureaus, helping the students get a head start on their credit building journey. Additionally, Atelio’s intuitive card APIs easily allow TeamUp to deliver individual and unique designs to each university they work with.


Atelio worked hand-in-hand to ensure that TeamUp had everything they needed up until launch, including providing feedback on due diligence readiness, UI/UX, marketing pans, end user agreements and card designs.

By launching Atelio’s credit builder card, TeamUp was able to secure bank approvals 36% faster than what is typical when working with other providers. Atelio continues to assist TeamUp with customer support as they onboard more and more teams and schools, each with unique card designs.

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Faster speed to market
Projected average spend per user


‍”Without Atelio, it would have taken over a year to get to market. Our customers want this product yesterday. We’re building on a platform so that we can focus on a great customer experience.”

—Alan Akina, President & Founder, TeamUp

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