Automate your credit-to-cash cycle

Gain efficiency, reduce DSO, and enable sellers with real-time insights.

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GETPAID delivers full process automation, workflow and collaboration for the credit-to-cash cycle.

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Improve efficiency

Cut down manual work and focus on the highest value accounts with smart document recognition, process automation, and AI.

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Mitigate risk

Understand your customers and predict delinquency risk up to 60 days ahead of time with AI-powered risk scoring.

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Boost cash flow

Improve cash flow with AI and real-time insights that enables you to serve your customers better.

Customer risk assessment

AI scores your customers based on likelihood of delinquency, so you can set the optimal payment terms for each customer and limit the risk of defaults in your portfolio.

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Collaboration and visibility

Clear dashboards and customer management ensures your team can work collaboratively on collections strategies and prevents accounts from slipping through the cracks.

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Accelerated outreach & follow-up management

GETPAID identifies disputes and deductions at an ongoing basis, automatically routing them to the right teams for resolution.

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Easy payment and automated cash application

Embedded payment links to let your customers pay seamlessly, and automated cash application reduces manual work and redundant follow-ups.

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