Money Movement

Move money with speed and flexibility

Ensure your customers' money reaches its destination swiftly and securely. From ACH to account-to-account transfers, we've got your money movement needs covered.

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Scale with our payments infrastructure

Experience seamless payment and money movement processing, no matter where you are in the payments life cycle.

Money Movement capabilities

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Verify external account ownership via our Plaid integration, giving your customers quick and secure money movement.

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account transfers

Account-to-Account Transfers

Create instant transfers and payments between customers or between your business clients and their customers powered by our ledger. No bank fees.

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Our capabilities combine to build powerful solutions

  • commercial charge card hero illustration
    Commercial Charge Card

    Improve workflows with a commercial card solution

    Launch an embedded commercial card to unlock a new revenue stream, use transaction data to hone your marketing, and decrease CAC—all while deepening customer loyalty.

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  • consumer secured credit card illustration
    Consumer Secured Credit Card

    Deepen brand loyalty with a consumer card solution

    Drive customer acquisition and retention with a branded card program that offers a seamless user experience, tailored rewards, and deep insights—all with the benefit of double the interchange of a debit card.

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  • lending hero

    Provide simplified and personalized loan products

    Our Lending solution provides lending flexibility and accessibility to maintain a healthy cash flow while bolstering revenue.

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